Car-Free Family: New Bike Trailer!

Until I get it together to purchase a cargo bike, I’ve been doing most of the child transporting and grocery shopping in our car-free life using a bike trailer. A very beat up bike trailer that I purchased early this summer at a yard sale for $15. Here it is loaded up from last Saturday’s big grocery run:

See the rope I tied around it to keep the bottom from dragging on the ground? It didn’t work very well. The trailer didn’t look so bad when we bought it. I don’t know what happened. Either it was missing some straps that were supposed to support the bottom, or I let the kids pull them out, but one way or another the kids ended up dragging their feet along the street while riding in it and big holes appeared in the canvas. Eventually the canvas bottom was hanging so low that my 3-year-old ended up with a hole in his pants and a big scrape on his heinie. I bought a bunch of bungie cords and used them to stop the heinie-dragging, but still, the trailer situation has not been great.

So I was very excited when a fine Alameda resident posted a bike trailer on Freecycle. Even more excited when that person chose me as the recipient. Today we picked up the new trailer, which is faded, yes, but in far, far better condition than the old jalopy.

And see, it’s a Schwinn, just like my bike! This is going to make life better around here. Thank you Freecycle and thank you neighbor! (In an example of Freecycle at its best, I also got to meet the neighbor giving away the trailer, who happened to be a mom from our school. Double yay!)

I am still totally going to buy that cargo bike, though. I’ve just been working a lot lately (see, published here and here, more to come), so much so that I don’t have time to spend the money I’m making. Oh, and sometimes I accidentally spend it on mortgages and groceries and plane tickets for five before I get the chance to spend it on myself.

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