OhSoWe.com — Freecycle for Lending?

This morning on WBEZ I heard this piece about a Web site called OhSoWe.com. It sounds kind of like Freecycle, except that (at least in my local group) Freecycle is only for permanently re-homing items, not for borrowing and lending.

Here’s how the radio piece described it:

OhSoWe is like a neighborhood version of Craigslist, except it’s less about selling stuff and more about sharing. So far in addition to the tax forms, Lindner has lent out a leatherpunch, and he’s planning to borrow another guy’s industrial vacuum cleaner instead of buying his own.

Another nice feature is that people also advertise skills and advice they are willing to share on OhSoWe.

I am a big Freecycle user, and now that my family is (slowly) getting ready to move, I’m using it more than ever. I’m definitely going to check out this OhSoWe as well. A quick check shows that there are only 6 users in the Oak Park group, however — I’m sure our Freecycle group has dozens. So this site may be a bit quieter, depending on your neighborhood.

By the way, a quick Freecycle anecdote from this weekend: I posted asking for moving boxes, and then I posted offering to give away a Burly-type bike trailer that was missing the thing that connects it to a bike. The same person happened to answer both posts, so I dropped off a trailer and picked up boxes. An accidental barter!

P.S. My most recent post on Wise Bread is about the Ten Best Items to Borrow.

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