Gifts for Cheapskates Gift Guide: It’s a Wrap

Here it is only Dec. 12, and the most exciting thing about the holidays, Frugalistic Mom’s Gifts for Cheapskates Guide, is already over. Sigh.

But here’s a recap! To help you relive the glory of the season!

Product 1: Aeropress Coffee & Espresso Maker

Why it saves money: You can avoid the temptation to spend $4 on a latte at Starbucks by making one at home in minutes.

What I loved about it: Every single morning I say out loud, man, this coffee is good!

Who won it: Austin and Hillary.

Product 2: Haan Select Floor Cleaner

Why it saves money: You don’t have to buy expensive eco-friendly cleaners in order to get a toxin-free clean. Also, if you can’t afford a cleaning lady like me right now, this will help you feel OK about your house without much work.

What I loved about it: Tonight, I was able to get our kitchen floor clean only in the time it took for my husband to read the little kids bedtime stories. And I did not even resent doing it!

Who won it: Beth

Product 3: Jockey Thermals

Why it saves money: Wear long johns and set your thermostat lower.

What I loved about it: I didn’t actually try this product, but I love the cute colors that the ladies’ sets come in. And as everyone who has been to my house knows, I love to experiment with human tolerance for low temperatures in winter.

Who won it: Sheila, Kristin, Beth, Brenda, Cris, Kara, Allison, Kim, Marta and a different Beth.

Product 4: Yogourmet Yogurt Maker

Why it saves money: You can make a 64 oz. pot of yogurt for $2-$3, about half what you would pay in the store for the same amount.

What I loved about it: Easier than making it in the crock pot, and I like knowing that my homemade yogurt has a very fresh culture and doesn’t contain anything but milk and culture plus the flavorings I choose. According to Yogorumet, fresh made yogurt has way, way more live probiotics than store bought.

Who won it: Beth. (One of the same Beths who won the Jockey Thermals. My blog is obviously very lucky for people named Beth!)

Product 5: SodaStream Soda Maker

Why it saves money: Filling the CO2 canister costs less than buying cans or liters of carbonated water at the grocery store.

What I loved about it: We love drinking bubbly water at our house but we often run out. Now we will only run out once a month or two. I also like the idea of controlling how much sweet stuff, if any, goes in my soda.

Who won it: Suzanne

All the winners have been notified — so if you recognize your name, check your email!

Disclosure: I received one of most of these products to sample and keep. I approached each of these companies because I thought their product would make a good gift for people who like to save money. Thanks again to Aerobie, Haan, Jockey, Yogourmet and SodaStream for participating!

2 Responses to Gifts for Cheapskates Gift Guide: It’s a Wrap
  1. kristin
    December 14, 2011 | 5:19 pm

    was there another kristin?? i didnt get an email… everything goes to spam

  2. Beth
    December 14, 2011 | 6:49 pm

    Thank you, Carrie! Who knew there were so many lucky Beths out there!

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